Monday, August 09, 2010

What a dream-ish dream

The other night I dreamed that Cassidy coulnd't fit in her 3-6 month clothes anymore and I was really sad about it cause I loved her 3-6 month clothes, and to get rid of them I ate them and about half way through I realized I didn't have to eat them, I could have kept them! But it was too late I had already eaten Chris' favorite dress and my favorite yellow dress. They all had different textures (not like they really would have...they had edible textures) but they didn't taste like much.

In real life, she just turned 3 months and doesn't fit in them realy anymore and I was actually sad about it. I was also recently thinking about how I need to eat a lot to keep up my milk production for Cassidy.... I don't normally dream so closely-symbolically about real life.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wating to be put to death

Yeah...not a happy one. Don't read on if you don't want to be bummed out.

This supports the theory that after having a good day, or when I'm really happy, I have bad dreams. I had been pretty stressed recently with work and being away form Cassidy and such, but yesterday I had a really good day at work, and that was the last day of the work week for me so when i got home I could be really happy about being home and not just prepare for the next day of being gone (i.e. clean the breast pump, cook supper, chill for a minute and then go to sleep early).

So I don't remember all of it, or even most of it, but for some reason I was on death row. I had to personally say goodbye to everyone and in the dream I had said goodbye to most people already, but I saw mommy on the street and had to say goodbye to her still and she was trying to have a normal conversation with me, but she started crying.

So then I was taken to where they execute people. It was this basement warehouse thing. Very small. And here was fire off in the back of the could see it really well, and you could see flames around, but it was supposed to all be in a separate room. There were a few other people around, but they weren't significant. I was standing next to these coolers and that is where they stored the ashes of everyone they burned. The huge stack of them was tipping over and pushing on me and almost knocking me to the other side of the aisle (which was not much wider than my shoulder width. Also the ceiling was very low. I probably could have touched it without jumping. So I was there waiting and being sad remembering saying goodbye to everyone and some people brought in a baby in a bouncy seat. I thought they were bringing it in to burn it too, and then I saw it was Cassidy. They were bringing her in for my last goodbye.

That is all I really remember. Ugh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby dream

So for how many crazy dreams I usually have, I really haven't been having very many baby dreams.  I did a few weeks back have nightmares for about 2 weeks in a row every night.  Well, not JUST nightmares...nightmares and/or REALLY stressful tedious work related dreams.  Not restful, anyway.  Usually more than one.  I was waking up about once a night from them (in addition to waking up an average of 3-4 other times for other pregnancy related reasons).  But at least none of them were baby related. 

Right before that, tough, I had this dream about being pregnant and going to the Renaissance festival by myself.  When I got back, I was at my house and saw someone come to the door.  I asked what they wanted and didn't trust them to let them in.  They said a baby had been left at the renn. fest and no one had claimed it and I was on an adoption listing form a long time ago (and had forgotten to take myself off) and so I could have the baby/was obligated to take the baby.  We had a lot of stuff blocking the doorway, so Chris and I cleared it out while she went to her car to get the baby.  It was a 4 month old or so baby boy with dark brown hair.  Very cute.  And Chris and I were talking about what on earth we were going to do with a new little baby that just got handed to us (and were were not AT ALL prepared to have) AND our new baby that would be born soon.

So that was an interesting dream. ^_^

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Do you ever look back at the titles of my audio posts form Audiobloggar and, what would that possibly have been about!? ME TOO! For example "Virtual Chickens" and "Alien Invasion and a Japanese restaurant in a water tower"...I wish I could remember them! Most of my dreams that I typed out on this blog I re-read and don't remember them at all!

Also, I think that my Gcast posts are still available to listen too, you just have to click on "posts" where as my audiobloggar posts are long gone.

Also, I didn't mean to displace my most recent dream post form a few second ago, so, please, read on!

...I feel like I have been here before... AND my 2nd baby dream

I miss GCast. Telling dreams is so much easier than typing dreams....In typing you have to be to precise. In telling you can say a lot of "Kinda like...." and "it wasn't, but it was" which are required to accurately describe the ridiculousness of dreams. When you type them it seems like that is EXACTLY what it was like. Also tone is important. I can speed through the unimportant details when I tell it and slow down at the good parts. When I type it, you probably think that I think that all parts are equally important.

Ok, so since I have been pregnant I have only had 2 pregnant dreams. For those of you who have been following my dream history you know that before I was pregnant I dreamed about babies and when I did I either forgot to feed them completely, couldn't feed them, forgot to feed them for a day and realized that I had to feed them multiple times a day, etc. and/or that the baby was already a child or able to talk as soon as it was born, that I never had the child to begin with and it was someone else's, or I was sure I was pregnant the whole dream until near the end when I found out I really wasn't. Never (that I can remember) did I have a dream about having a baby that was same and well cared for and mine.

I have had 2 baby dreams since I found out I was pregnant.

Dream 1
I apparently didn't write down the first one cause I can't find it anywhere. All I remember is that I was at the hospital and I forgot to feed the baby for just a few hours and I thought might have messed up my body and I wouldn't be able to feed it now... And I tried and one side didn't work and one side did.

Dream 2
The dream was long and in a lot of places but I don't remember any of it except the baby part (cause I DID write it down). The baby was born somewhere that was not in a hospital. I actually just remembered this part...we took it first to a hat shop which only had 2 baby hats. A bennie (sp?) and a little farmer hat (Chris doesn't like farmer hats). SO we spent most of the time putting adult hats on it that had funny slogans on them. Then we found a brown baby hunter hat (like those bright orange hunter hats with the ear flaps) and it was totally cute.

Then we got in the car and drove off and I was holding the baby. It was wearing a black leather jacket and I commented to Chris that it was awesome and Chris said "it was a present for if we had a boy" (so the baby in the dream was a girl) and I said I thought it was a wonderful girl jacket. I realized that we didn't name the baby yet since we didn't have her in the hospital so no one was there to ask us for a name and we were so happy to have the baby, we didn't care! SHe woudl mimic the sounds we made almost exactly so it sounded like she was talking even though she was only a day old.

So I had the baby laying on my lap looking at me in the car as we drove and she spit up..a lot... all over the jacket, of course, so I reached down to get a spit up rag and we didn't have one... in fact, we didn't have a diaper bag at all! And we were in Garden City, far away from home. Then I realized, "What am I doing?! I am holding the baby in the car!" and I turned around to put her in her car seat and there was no car seat! Chris asked "Why not?!" and I said "because the baby wasn't born in a hospital". So we decided that we would just go to walmart (we were driving down Kansas in GC already) and Chris sped up and I looked down and he was going 60 mph down Kansas while I HELD the baby! Eeek! So I said "slow down! Were going to get pulled over and in a lot of trouble for not having the baby in the care seat and not even OWNING a car seat. Then I thought about how the walmart people would report us because we were at walmart buying a car seat with the baby in our arms, and we drove there.

I woke up REALLY wanting to have the nursery done and wanting to have a diaper bag completely packed and ready to go! So, I suppose it was a sucussful birth, healthy baby dream for the first time!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Chris set me up Gcast! It's over there ---> on my sidebar. Now my dreams are available via podcast! Aren't YOU excited?!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So dreams

Yep, I miss Audio Blogger.

I had a dream last night that Miah from hockey and his wife were getting married and their last name was going to be a completely different name than their real last name...I was trying to figure out where it came from and I just couldn't figure it out.  They wrote the name up on a green chalk board.  Then they said in honor of their marriage we were all going to play laser tag, but instead of automatically keeping score, we would just use our fingers and we were all supposed to be honest and keep score of who we shot and how many people shot us, just in our heads.  So we ran around in this 3 story house that was supposed to be Miah's.  There were like 50 of us.  It was almost cool, but lame cause you couldn't ever tell if you were being shot or not, and I kept trying to look around so that I would make sure and count it if I was being shot, so it didn't look like I was cheating.  It started being more like and MMORPG, and so someone opened a door to a room and a guy pretending to be a dragon (he was on the chubby side) came out and everyone pretended to run screaming from him...them they started loosing interest but I decided to throw a pretend grenade at him, so I pulled the imaginary pin out with my teeth and threw it and I make an explosion sound and everyone looked at me like I was a complete dork and taking the whole thing way too seriously.  Then someone said that we needed to send out 50 troops (still as part of the game) and so we all ran as fast as we could into the garage which was the pretend loading a spaceship or a ship or something.... and the guy doing it was going to make it all dramatic by closing the garage door so that we would have to hurry out and duck down and the last few people would have to dive under the door, but the door closed so fast that only like 5 people got out and it was totally un dramatic, so he opened it again and let more out.  I was going to wait so that I could dive out at the last moment to make it more fun.

Then at the end of the dream as I went out the garage door I was in the neighborhood of my old friend Stephanie and it was all ghetto and I was walking with one of her old friends and neighbor (and my old elementary schoolmate, Rubin (whose brothers are named Obey and Jaime (phonetically=Himey))...and we discussed the disintegrating neighborhood....  Not a great ending, but a fun dream.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You want what?

I drempt that my cousin's wife was visiting me (along with my cousin and their kids, but they wern't there most of the time). We were at a restaurant, Margo and I, and I thought she said she wanted a margarita (which was odd because I doubt that she drinks)... I don't drink either, so I didn't really want to get it for her, but she was visiting, and we were kind of having a girls night, so I went and got a pitcher of Margarita for us. So we both drank some and then her husband came and gave us a funny look (because we don't drink). It was then that I realised that she had just said she liked the glass that the margaritas were in and wanted one (not a normal margarita glass... it was oval shaped) I told her that I realised it and asked why she drank it anyway, and she said that she did just cause she thought I was wanting to bond with her and she didn't want to make me feel bad....

There was more with my cousin in it, but I don't remmeber it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Two nights of things

Two nights ago I dreamed about walking through a sand dune desert. Ronal McDonald was walking with me too, at a distance. There were sparce short banana trees and bunches of banans sitting by themselves in the sand.

Lastnight I dreamed of getting a peticure and the place was flooded so you could always have your feet in water while you were there. Then I dreamed that someone at Joe's work set a connon off right next to him, so he got mad and went around kicking theings. Then it turned into a war and WE were fighting peopel in the middle eastern wilderness and we came upon a mountain side where there looked to be a state map of the USA built on it. It turned out a tribe (or possible a millitary cell) lived in that rock map. So all the poeple I was fighting with thought they were awesome and friendly because they built a replica of the USA.... But I knew it was a trap.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cold sweat

The last two nights I have woken up from scary drams literally in a cold sweat. That hasn't happened since I was very little. I literally shook (very uncontrollably) two days ago when I woke up. I don't remember either of the dreams except that last night I had a ninja star thrown at me and there was a dead guy in a creepy cellar basement and Michelle and I had to walk home (to Garden) from Grandma's house in Denver.

They weren't terrifying...well...I guess two nights ago when I woke up I thought, "I haven't had that scary of dream in a long time" so it must have been....but anyway, they both affected my day. Dreams do that to me weather I remember them all the way or not.

Interestingly I usually only have bad dreams when I am happy.

Friday, October 20, 2006

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


So, audio blogger e-mail me a week ago and said they are going to stop taking audio posts on November 1. I am quite sad. :( This was the coolest blog ever. Now I'll just have to type my dreams, but they are so long, I never will (remember, some of these dreams I record just by talking about them are 10-15 minutes...think how long it would take to type!)

So we'll see if I can find a suitable replacement.

Thanks for reading! (Listening)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Other dream blogs (updated)

This is the only one dream blog I found that only posts dreams, so I thought I would promote it. I commented on his blog, and then he did on mine. His dreams are pretty interesting.
Rob's Dream Journal

I found another all dream blog. It is "Chris' Dream Blog"
and Jono's
These are longer than most I have seen

Odd... a bit violent (I only looked at it briefly, though

Rapid Eye Movement

This one is interesting because it has the days events and how it felt and such.

They are updated fairly frequently, and they are all typed out.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Joel Williams and an Old Dream

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

2D holodeck and ren fest

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cult at Dennison (Part 1)

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Cult at Dennison (Part 3)

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Cult at Denison (Part 2)

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A late repost...The first part of the Alien/oil rig/japanese tower restaurant dream (part 1)

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alien Invasion and a Japanese restaurant in a water tower (part 3)

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Lincoln in the oil rig and Alien invasion (part 2)

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Ideas Cause I can't Listen to this post. Can you? (2)

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No Ideas Cause I can't Listen to this post. Can you?

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Roaches part 2

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End of the World, Asian food, and Roaches (Part 1)

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